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Schneiderman Family Law

Hi, I'm Jody

My passion for family law was ignited mid-career when I witnessed friends and colleagues struggling with divorce. I saw firsthand how challenging the process could be for everyone involved. Witnessing families emotionally and financially destroyed and children suffering through complex custody battles inspired me to shift my law practice to work primarily in family law. As a seasoned attorney, and someone who eventually went through my own divorce, I bring empathy, mastery, and multiple tools of empowerment to the table. I am dedicated to advocating for the rights of my clients and am especially concerned with ensuring their emotional safety - which makes the divorce process as streamlined as possible for all parties involved.

Why Us?

At Schneiderman Family Law you’ll be treated with the utmost compassion and respect while working with an attorney who will reach the optimal arrangement for all parties.

Divorce Does NOT  have to  equate to unfair treatment in court or financial strain.   We are able to help come to the best resolution with the least amount of court involvement.

Having worked over 2.5 decades in the legal profession and volunteering with trauma survivors, we are equipped to help you feel safe by fiercely representing your rights in court.

Client Testimonial

"I attended attorney Jody Schneiderman’s groundbreaking webinar about Collaborative Divorce and was blown away by the brilliance and compassion of her approach. Working with Jody means that divorce can be a transformative process opening doors to promising new life chapters. Courts, judges and adversarial attorneys can make divorce a destructive and devastating experience. In contrast, Jody uses her considerable legal and life skills to make this challenging transition a time of collaboration, empowerment and optimism with the best possible outcomes for all."