Calming the Waters of Divorce

Calming the Waters of Divorce

Imagine if...

...your separation and divorce could be a positive and transformative experience for everyone involved, helping to transition your whole family into a new chapter...

But perhaps you think...

...divorce is a long, arduous process plagued with traumatic court hearings that have the potential to destroy everything in your life...

...and it's causing you unbearable stress, financial strain, and seriously impacting the well-being of your children...

The reality is...

You have choices! How you and your family handle a divorce is up to you.




Experience a new approach to divorce focused on providing a peaceful and amicable process conducted outside of court.


Enlist the help of a compassionate, impartial mediator to get your divorce settled out of court.


Let us help you effectively negotiate the best agreement for both parties with minimal court proceedings and limited conflict.


Jody Schneiderman

Jody Schneiderman has been an attorney for almost 30 years and provides services in the areas of Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Litigation, and more. She uses her in-depth understanding of the court system, along with her training at the University of Chicago, to craft comprehensive and compelling narratives for her clients. She is a powerful and effective advocate, both in and out of court, as well as in her Collaborative Practices. Her warmth and genuine concern for her clients’ well-being throughout the divorce process is the driving force behind her intuitive ability to resolve cases, whether through collaboration, mediation, or litigation.

At Schneiderman Family Law, you’ll be treated with the utmost compassion and respect while working with an attorney who will reach the optimal arrangement for all parties.

Client  Testimonials

“You were very helpful in helping us mediate our relationship! You helped us explore our options and realize that there are alternatives to heading to court. You helped mediate our issues to keep us together. Thank you for bringing us closer together in the end.”  -Ken R.

"One day I found myself lost, and fearful, because of a seemingly terrible situation I was in. I didn't know which way to turn. I needed someone to come to my rescue. It turned out that I needed a lawyer. By the grace of God, I was introduced to Jody Schneiderman who changed my whole entire life around. She knew exactly what to do about my situation and got to work. Jody alleviated my fears and took control of everything, of which I am now free of. All thanks to an amazing lawyer Jody Schneiderman. I would encourage anyone to let her be your amazing lawyer as well."         - Alicia T.

"When I consulted with Jody about filing for a modification in child support, I was impressed with her compassionate listening skills as well as her analytical skills. I felt very comfortable talking to her about an issue that is highly personal. Jody offered several options and talked me through the pros and cons of each. She answered all of my questions timely, patiently, and wisely. I highly recommend using Jody as your lawyer or mediator."     -Jess K.

Are you ready to calm the waters of divorce?